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It’s a common phenomenon nowadays to learn foreign languages. You might ask “what’s the best way to learn a new language then?” As mentioned in one of my articles – <How to learn a new language? >, there are many “best ways” to learn foreign languages. You can always attend physical language lessons, language courses online, and use apps for learning languages.


Thanks to the technology nowadays, there are many language learning apps available and learners can choose one that suits their learning style. As you might search for the best Korean language app, the best app to learn basic Japanese, and/or the best app to learn Chinese (Mandarin) conversation; let us tell you why you should learn with Eggbun. Eggbun is not just an ordinary language learning app; it’s the best language learning app for you, proven by many positive user feedback.


User feedback:

“Premium is a must”
Best app so far!! So encouraging! And engaging!! 5 stars by maddiemarie91599

“Greatest ever”
Thanks a lot this app is the one help me to know Korean alphabet. Many korean try to teach me but all I give up. This this is the best way to start learning Korean and 100% will help you. Hope you keep working hard to for this 5 stars by Mr WAGUE

“Love it”
It’s a good beginners tool. I love it, I’ve been trying to learn Chinese for years and nothing compares to the way this app is teaching me. –5 stars by miminoe

“awsome app to learn from!”
I’ve always loved Japanese and now I’m just really happy to learn it through this app that makes [it] really easy for me. –5stars by ggtthhy


1. Fun Chatroom based learning

Unlike traditional classroom with textbooks and worksheets, you learn with our tutor, Lanny in Eggbun Chatroom. Lanny will be your personal chatbot tutor who will guide you through all lessons. Lanny will also help you practice depends on your pace of learning. This makes learning more fun and less stressful (as Lanny will also motivate you along the way).


2. Learn writing systems FAST with zero effort, from scratch!

I might be exaggerated a little about zero effort, but you can definitely learn writing systems of one of the three major Asian languages, for example, Hangul, a lot faster than any other methods. Eggbun apps provide Hangul, Hiragana, Katakana, and pinyin lessons. Our course structure guided by Lanny helps you learn and practice the writing systems in the most effective way; all in our chatroom!

This app is absolutely amazing! I learned the FULL alphabet set in 2 days!”

-5 stars by Abc queen love girl


3. Beginner to Advanced Levels

If you are learning Korean, we have over 550 Korean lessons from beginner to advanced levels. You will be able to learn useful and natural expressions in Korean that are used in daily life through lessons with Lanny, Korean flashcards, customised quizzes, and more. Whether you are going to live in Korea or just to travel, our lessons will help you practice conversational Korean and have a worry-free trip.

Our Japanese and Chinese apps, too, have detailed beginner lessons to help you form a firm base in both languages. Learn with Lanny as we upgrade our lessons towards intermediate and advanced. Our Chinese and Japanese flashcards, customised quizzes and games will help you remember useful vocabulary too.


4. Real person audio recorded by native speakers

Pronunciation is a crucial part of the three languages. In addition to all those chat lessons, pronunciation audio recorded by native speakers will help you learn and practice accurate pronunciation. 


5. Culture Notes: cultural lessons and tips for your cultural feed!

People say learning a language is also learning a new culture. Our language experts don’t only make language lessons but also cultural lessons, including interesting facts and tips, so that you understand the culture of Korea, Japan, China, and other Chinese influenced countries. You will learn about the countries even without actually going there. You wouldn’t have to worry about being culturally illiterate when you visit the countries after learning with us.


6. Eggbun support

Our goal in Eggbun is to help our Bunners achieve language proficiency from beginner to at least intermediate level. Thus, we are always here for you. Follow our Facebook page and Facebook groups so you can send us messages if you have any questions. We will assist you with our best to solve your language questions and doubts.


Whether you are looking to learn Japanese for beginners, Chinese for travellers, or studying Korean before you move to Seoul, Eggbun will be the best language learning app for you. Let Lanny be your tutor in your pocket whom you can study with, anytime and anywhere. Make Eggbun your learning companion and start experiencing the best language learning app for you today!


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